Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I want to apologize for not updating the blog sooner.  This new school year has been keeping me rather busy...but, I do have some information concerning our new campaign, so listen up! :)

This time, we are asking letter writers to send their pro-life letters to the USA TODAY (their letter plicy can be found here: ). Our current sendout date is February 14, 2012.  I will let you know if this date changes.

Please be praying about this project.  Continue to pray that God will be glorified and people will see the truth about abortion.  Please also pray that God will bring many, many people to be part of this project. 

If you plan on writing a letter, please let me know! I would really love to know how many letters will be going out, so please tell me if you're going to send a letter! 

Remember to check out our Facebook page.  You can find it at!/pages/Voices-of-the-Innocent/177964268906636 .

Thanks everyone!

God bless,