Letter Guidelines

  Here are a few suggested guidelines as you write your letter:

1) Be sure to check your newspaper’s word limit in the letter section.

2) Express your point (why abortion is wrong) in a clear and concise way. Readers will not want to read an overly wordy letter, so keep yours as short (but as potent!) as possible!

3) Decide the standpoint you will write your letter from. There are several ways you could write your letter, however, two ways are scientific or moral. Emily’s letter is written from more of a scientific stand while Olivia’s takes more of a moral standpoint. Choose the standpoint that you can most effectively express your point.

4) Revise, revise, revise! Every good piece of writing will need revision. You may not see any areas in your letter that need tweaking when you first write it, but that doesn’t mean that they are non-existent! Go back to your letter a few days after you write. This means that you will have to write your letter in advance…please, try to find the time to do this.

5) Remember that you can refer to our example letters for additional ideas!

If you are struggling with writing your letter, please feel free to contact us! We’re thrilled that you are willing to help with this project, and we are more than happy to aid you in your letter writing in whatever way possible.