Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update and Prayer Request

Hi All!

I know it's been a while, and for that, I aplogize! But honestly, there hasn't been really anything to post...up until now. Please read this and join Mr. Van Zant in his fight against abortion through the power of prayer!


Dear Friend,

This e-mail is praise to God coupled with an urgent request. I'll write more later but for now, I'll be brief as we in Florida's House of Representatives have an opportunity we must grasp

right now to advance the cause for Florida's unborn and to set an example for our Nation.

Today, just a few hours ago, Florida's Senate voted to attach the Sonogram Bill language plus the Hyde Amendment language to Senate Bill 1143. This is greater progress toward protecting Florida's unborn than has been known to our state legislature in 38 years.

Specifically, this bill will do two things. First, it will require that pregnant mothers will be given an opportunity to see their unborn child before an abortion. Alone, it is expected that this requirement will provide life for thousands of Florida's unborn. Secondly, the Hyde language will prevent tax dollars from funding abortions in our state.

All of this is great, but the fight is only 1/3 over. To stand as law, this bill must pass in the House of Representatives and be signed into law by our Governor. We need your help now...please help!

Would you accept the challenge to do three things, without delay? One, would you just pray and thank our Heavenly Father for this great progress and ask that this bill become law. Second, please prepare a short e-mail in your own words and send to your State Representative plus any other State Representatives you choose. Third, please forward this e-mail from me to your own e-mail list as this will greatly expand the number of e-mails that House Members receive.

The e-mail addresses for all 120 Representatives in Florida are are included at the end of this message for your convenience.

Now, what to write to the State Representatives....simply ask each one to vote yes on Senate Bill 1143 that will be placed before them for a vote on Thursday or Friday. Add any comments you want, but a short message is easier to understand.

Again, in behalf of Florida's unborn, thank you. May our Lord continually bless you in all you accomplish for Him.


Charles Van Zant

State Representative

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  1. First of all I would like to say that this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I am 100% against abortion and was before I became saved. I cannot even grasp what could cause a mother to abort her unborn child. That is a blessing that I would never give up. A child is so precious and innocent and now because of abortion there are many smiling faces we dont get to see in this world but on a positive note we will be seeing their sweet faces in Heaven! Amen! I had my tubes tied in 2005 and I am regretting it tremendously now because I have been remarried and we are longing to have a child of our own and because of my mistake we can't right now. I know thats not the same as the subject but it brings up alot of emotion in me because I cannot have a baby right now and to know there are women out there getting pregnant when they know they dont want a child just to turn around and kill that child is just angering and heartbreaking.
    You are welcome to email me at if there is anything I can do. Thank you God for the Blessings of Children
    Love in Christ, Kim