Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Letter on Aborton-By:Emily

The belief that a "fertilized egg" (an innocent baby) is not a living human being, in my opinion, is wrong. Not only does it show man’s flippant regards for a God-given life, but also, their willful ignorance.

Living things portray several different characteristics that separate them from non-living things. Living things grow, respond to their environments, require energy (food), etc. Non-living things, dead things-cannot grow, cannot respond to their environments and have no need for food. It is common knowledge that a "fertilized egg" portrays all of these listed traits: the baby grows over a period of 9 months, reacts to his surroundings and gathers nutrition from his mother. No matter how hard people would like to argue, when one looks at the scientific facts, it is clearly seen that the unborn child, is indeed, a living, growing child and has every right to live.

By science’s own description, that infant in the womb is indeed alive. The constitution may give women the right to make decisions about their bodies, but most certainly not the right to take another person’s life!

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