Monday, September 6, 2010

Making some Changes...

Hi All!

Just wanted to let y'all know that we are changing our letter send out date from October 15 to February 14, 2011 (this date is up in the air...nothing is set in stone! :D). I wanted to make this change because I feel like I need more time to reach others about "VOTI". I recently applied for membership on the Rebelution forum and was approved this Saturday (yay!), so I'm hoping to use my time on their to spread the word about our mission. I submitted my project idea to the head of the abortion section of the forum, so, we'll see!

I've had several people comment (not just on here, but in general), telling me that "VOTI" was great, but they didn't give me definite commitment on writing a letter. Please, please let me know if you are willing to write a letter. Just knowing that you're going to write a letter would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO encouraging! So let me know! ;D Also, please remember that when you do write a letter (which you don't have to until February of '11), please email a copy of it to us (

I was also wondering if anyone would be interested in helping update the you can see, it doesn't happen very often, and was thinking/hoping with another brain involved, we could produce more posts, reccomend more links and such. If you would like to help, just comment or email (address above). When/if you feel led to comment/email about this, please tell us why you would want to and how you think you would be able to help. I'm not requesting a certain # of words essay, but I would like to know why you're interested in helping. =)

Thanks everyone!

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