Friday, April 6, 2012

Beautiful Katie!! =)

Hey everyone, 
  Friends are a huge part of our lives, and we need friends. God has given me the most amazing friend, Katie, and she means the world to me!! I don't know what I did without her before I met her, because she is everything that anyone could hope for in a friend!! 
  Yesterday, life took its tole on me, and I let it push me down to the ground. But that was before I got a phone call from Katie!! She stretched out her hand, and helped me up off the ground. She encouraged me in so many ways, and helped me put my focus back to where it needed to be!! Thanks Katie!! =) 
  Katie this is for you!! 

Kindness - you are a perfect picture of kindness even when I don't deserve it!!
Able - you are able to do anything that you put your mind to. DON"T EVER let anyone tell you can't!! =) 
Teacher - the things that you've taught me over the past few years are precious, and priceless. Thank you!!
Inspiration - you inspire me to be a better daughter, sister, and follower of Christ!!
Excellent - you're excellent at everything you do!! =) 

Katie, I love you dearly, and God is going to do great things through, and in you!! =) Never let anyone tell you that you're nothing, because God says you're golden in His eyes!! 



  1. Olivia,
    My most beloved friend, You know that friendship works best when both parties try there best. Thank you for always giving me all that you have and taking care of me all these years. What my life was like before isn't important because if I think about it my life was rather lonely and I had no idea how important a true friend is. I love you so much and I pray that God will continue to bless all that you say and do.

    1. And I love you back, Katie!! =) Thanks for being there to share my joys, and my griefs!! <3