Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello world! :)

My name is Emily and I am a 9th grade home schooled student from Florida! As Olivia told you in her post, we are working on a project that we're calling "Voice of the Innocent".

Ever since I understood what abortion is, I have been struck by the fact that many people actually kill their unborn babies. Nearly, every time I have the (wonderful) opportunity to hold a baby, I am angered by the horrible truth of abortion. My love for the beautiful babies that God has blessed the world with drives me as we begin to work on "Voice of the Innocent".

Olivia told you our basic idea in her "welcome" post....sending letters to local newspapers protesting abortion. We would also like those letters to be sent out on the same day (October 12, 2010) so that newspapers around the country will receive these letters all at once. What an impact can be made if 200 letters are sent! Wouldn't that be great? If you need some ideas on what to include in your letter, you can refer to the blog to get ideas from the letters Olivia and I have written and posted.

We're pushing our send in date to October so that: A)-you won't feel rushed about writing this letter (rushed writing is never overly great in quality and we want the letters to be as effective as possible) and B) so that we can reach and recruit other people about our project. All we ask from you in the meantime is that you join us in telling others about "Voice of the Innocent"....we need as many people as possible!



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