Monday, November 22, 2010

"Thanksgiving" by A.M.B.

I have  a friend whom God has blessed with an amazing talent for writing poetry is VERY and writes poetry on a variety of things!  I have to remind myself not to be envious of her talent, because I CAN NOT write poetry to save my life, and I often ask God why I can't have that same talent.  Whenever she reads me a new poem that she has written, I always sit back, and marvel at her talent!!  So I asked my friend if she had any poems on Thanksgiving that she would be willing to let me publish, and this is the one that I have decided to use.  I hope that you enjoy it!! 

There was the first Thanksgiving in 1621,
With fowl of the air and lots of venison,
To thank the Lord for the gifts He had given them,
Chief Massasoit brought 90 Wampanoag men.
Governor Bradford declared this a day
To give thanks to God and to feast and to pray.
In the year 1863 Lincoln declared a holiday
For America to give thanks and it still is that way.
Every year we take special time to give thanks to God,
And remember how much He gives us help in our plod.
And maybe we think of those people long ago,
And of their great celebration and know
  That we are so very much blessed,
And we always should have such great thankfulness.


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