Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Jennifer! =)

Have y’all been noticing the pretty new blog button on our side bar? Is it just me, or is it not perfect?! :) I’d like to thank Jennifer for so graciously helping us with this (BTW, the TRANSFORMED GENERATION blog is hers…really great thoughts on there-you should totally check it out!)! I am not a tech savvy teen (who is dealing dial up internet-which can make things difficult!:), so doing something which may seem pretty basic like making a blog button seemed totally overwhelming to me. But Jenn kindly offered to help me with the button-and I’d like to say thanks to her for it!

The blog button isn’t the only thing I love on this blog: I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing comments. So comment often! I want to hear feedback from y’all; I want to hear what you think! So please, please-leave a comment and share your thoughts with the V.O.T.I world!:)



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