Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update, Announcement, Requests!

Hey Everyone!

Hope y'all had a happy Thanksgiving!  Olivia's post on Thanksgiving and finding joy in it was really thought provoking and made me thankful for her writing abilities! :)

We're excited about the responses we have received.  Just this weekened, we added 2 more volunteers to our list.  We're now up to 13 people!  Anywhere close to the 200 we're hoping for? No, not yet!  But we're making progress!  Please continue to spread the word to your friends.  A way you might do this is by sending out our link ( in an email to everyone in your address book.

Also, I'd like to let y'all know that V.O.T.I is now listed on  I applied for listing on here some time ago, and never received a response from them.  I had practically forgotten about them when I received an acceptance email today! :) But anyhow, we're now on there, so hopefully, they'll direct some more readers to the blog!

I thought it be cool if everyone sent in the name of the newspaper that they were sending their pro-life letter to.  Please leave the name of the newspaper that will receive your letter here on the blog in a comment or email it to us. We’d enjoy hearing from y’all, so please try and do this for us!


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