Monday, October 25, 2010

Just Two Little Request......

Hey everybody!!

I know that in the past, Emily, and I have asked that you spread the word about the blog to ANYONE you know!! And both of us are overjoyed with the response that we have gotten ALL over the world! :) It is extremely encouraging!! But we just want to remind, and ask our readers, again, to please keep spreading the word!!

We also just wanted to update you on the number letters that we have so far (or will be receiving). God has led 10 people to write letters!! Again, Emily, and I are overjoyed!! But we will be even more overjoyed if you commit to writing a letter, too!! :)

Sooo.... we ask that you spread the word, and commit to writing a letter!! And we trust, and pray that you will be led by God to do these two things!!

Thanks for all the encouragement!! :)


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