Friday, October 1, 2010

Homeschool or Public/Christian School??

Hey everyone, it's Olivia!!

I apologize for neglecting the blog, and leaving poor Emily to do all the work. :( But Emily has done sooo well.

Last night I went to a Bible study. The name of it is "Genesis of a Legacy" by Ken Ham. The study is about raising godly kids, and (just some free info) did you know that more then half the teens that have been brought up in a Christian home won't attend church after they graduate high school, and they will fall away from the Lord? I was shocked by this statistic.
Anyway... we got into homeschooling, and how it is so much better to home school because you can control so much more of what goes in, and out of your kids minds. And it was really interesting to see what people were thinking. Some said that homeschooling was the best, and only way to go, and some said that they send their kids to a Christian school, and they think that it is fine; however they were always making sure that they knw what is going on in school by asking their kids how that day went.
I don't think that going to school
is wrong (though I am home schooled, and have been my whole life, and will graduate home school), but there are many benefits when it comes to homeschooling.

I would really like to hear what you have to say on this!! What do you think??!! Please let us know!!



  1. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

    First, can I say good on you for not saying school is many homeschoolers say that without really knowing anything about it. :)

    The advantages of school is that it is much easier to learn social skills and make heaps of friends. It teaches you to relate to people and debate your point of view and be openminded to ideas. On the negative side though, when I was at school it felt like we were just there to pass tests, not to actually learn anything.

    The advantages of homeschooling are teaching people to discipline themselves and relate to their families. It means they can be taught what the parents what them to be taught. However (please don't take this as a stereotype - my best friends are thoroughly normal homeschoolers), I've found that some homeschoolers don't have great social skills and they can be quite self-righteous because they've never learned to discuss ideas, and just think that their point of view is the only one.

    I think some kids are suited to homeschool and others to school. I would have been to shy to have been homeschooled, I think. However, my little brother is too easily swayed by the crowd, and maybe it would be better for him to be homeschooled. I do think the Christian school is a much better choice than public school, though I know that's not always possible.

    Hope that made sense!

  2. It made sense to me, Annie!! Thanks for your opinion!! I know everyone has their own opinion, and I don't think that going to school is wrong, but I am glad that I am home schooled! But I also would have liked to have that experience.
    Thanks again, Annie!! :)


  3. I have grown up homeschooling but unlike many do not disapprove of other schooling at all. Homeschooling was merely the best choice for our family. I want to become a vet and was able to change my curriculum to fit that course and to work and take dual credit at the local junior college. I think each family has a differnt right answer and there is not right and wrong where this is concerned