Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watch Out, World!! =D

  Well its official: I got my permit yesterday!!!!! =) SO EXCITED!! I have driven both my dads Subaru, and out big 12 passenger van, and it didn't take long for me to realize which one I like driving more, or which one is more fun to drive. The van veers off more, and my mom was panicking the whole way home. I drove home from basketball practice last night with my dad, and bro in the Subaru, and I love driving it. And yeah, I like driving with my dad more, too. He was WAY more chill about it. Plus he said that I could go the speed limit, and my mom kept me under 50. 
  So yeah...I just thought that I would let y'all know that!! And don't worry, you guys don't have to stay off the road now...I'm actually a pretty good driver, so I'm told. =P



  1. Thank you, Katie!! =) You were right it was easy, but I got 2 question wrong but there alcohol, so I didn't really care...