Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Current Volunteers

God is really working in Voices of the Innocent!  We are now up to 16 volunteers, and I am simply thrilled about this!  I thought I'd share the list with y'all...if you'd like to see your name on here (which we would too!:), just drop us a comment or email us! Those with the "Rebelution" beside it in parentheses responded to me off of the Rebelution forum!

-Emily G.

-Olivia B.

-Debbie L.

-Marta L. (Rebelution)

-Jennifer G. (Rebelution)

-Olivia C. (Rebelution)

-Mary R. (Rebelution)

-River B. (Rebelution)

-Jordan H. (Rebelution)

-Michael S. (Rebelution)

-Annabel Z. (Rebelution)

-Riley S. (Rebelution)

-Kim Z.

-Brad (Rebelution)

-Tabitha H. (Rebelution)

-Abigal M.

As always, we're excited about the numbers we're seeing, but we're really interested in seeing this list grow!  Please continue to spread the word!



  1. How do they volonteer?

  2. I should have said, what do they volonteer for?

  3. Hi!

    The volunteers have volunteered to write a pro-life letter to their local newspaper. They'll be sending out their letter on Feb. 14. 2011.
    Interested in helping? :)


  4. Yes and I have a powerful testimony. What is your username on the Rebelution?

  5. My Rebelution username is: Emily M. G.