Friday, December 17, 2010

The Power of Prayer!!!


I wanted to give y'all another update on where our readers are coming from, because we have gotten so many more, and from different locations!!

~United States - 670

~New Zealand - 46

~ Russia - 12

~Canada - 9

~France - 7

~Malaysia - 4

~Slovenia - 3

~Australia - 2

~Brazil - 2

~Philippines - 2

~Croatia - 1

~South Korea - 1

~Taiwan - 1

We have 760 views in all!! =)

I was soooooo excited when I saw that we had so many new readers in countries so far away from me (up-state NY).... It is hard to fathom that we have readers coming from countries across the world!! That is amazing!! I have been praying that the Lord would bring readers to V. of the I., and in his timing, He did!! At the beginning, Emily, and I were pretty discouraged about the results that had received. But by the power of prayer, we began to see results over time, and we continue to get more, and more readers across the WHOLE world!! I know that many of you are praying for V. of the I., and I would like to ask that you continue to pray that God would this in a mighty way for His glory!! =)

To God be the glory!!


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