Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Emily! :)

Hi Everyone!

Is it just me, or is a blank document intimidating? I mean, I think it's inviting, but at the same time, kind of scary! :)  I don't that just me, or are there any other bloggers out there who feel the same?  I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts-on this seemingly silly matter! :)

Well, Christmas season 2010 is here.  I find it hard to believe how quickly the months pass by anymore.  I guess time does go by faster as you grow older.  I have a December birthday, so the year always seemed to drag on especially slow when I was little...but not anymore, that's for sure! :)  We have yet to get out our decorations (we have some remodeling going on that's hindering us a bit!), but we're hoping to soon!  I have to go do some Christmas shopping-which should be fun! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is buying gifts for my family, espeically for my siblings.  It's always heart-warming to see my sisters and brother open their present and find something that they're (hopefully!) going to love.

On top of gift giving, I also enjoy marveling over the fact that almighty God, Creator of the Earth, left His throne in heaven to came down to earth.  He gave up His position as the King to become a man and actually died for ungrateful, sinful mankind.  Amazing when you think about it....

 I know that some people, around the holidays, enjoy donating money to charity.  If you are looking for an organazation to make a donation to, I highly reccomend CareNet (We list their website on our favorites list.).  They are a Christian group who are dedicated to ministering to pregnant women who are considering abortion.  Our family has made a few donations to this group, and I feel wonderful knowing that our money is being used to help save lives!  If you'd like more information on this group, check out their website!

I want to remind y'all that we would be glad to post any prayer requests y'all may have on our prayer request page.  If you have a need in your life, please feel free to share it with us!

Also, I'd like to mention the fact that V.O.T.I. loves hearing feedback from our readers!  Please leave a comment and let us know your opinion on a particular post, V.O.T.I. in general, or you could ask a question! :) 

Enjoy your Christmas season!


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